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My Boy


Zyon. 12 years old. Going into 7th grade.
Loves playing with his Friends on his PS4.
Loves his dog Winston.
He tried Football, Basketball
and now he's thinking about tracks. 

Quit his piano lessons but still plays. 
He just finished a song he wrote that he will perform
in his school's Talent Show. 

A little Bit of a Show Off, LOL! Most of the time Disoriented. 
I blame it on Puberty. Hehe.  But the most important of all. is that He has a big big heart. 
And to me, that's all that matters. 

2 comments on "My Boy"
  1. Such a cutie! Oh yes I remember those puberty days with my boy also...they are much easier than girls lol Thanks for sharing Mommy Lhey��

  2. I couldn't agree more. My girls are a little extra, lol!


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