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Life and Essential Oils

Hello Everyone!
I haven't been active on my blog for the longest time. I had great plans for this space on the internet. I wanted to make this channel to become more of my personal connection to the world but it seems like ever since I started a business, I feel like all of my social media accounts are all connected to our business account. But lately i've been trying to revive my dying personal Instagram account as well and slowly but surely it's going well...

So, How am I? Lately it seems like a trick question. Is anyone out there who still really cares? I mean who sincerely care about the answer when they ask the question. Well, at least I hope so. Because I do. I care about your well being. Your JOY Level. 
I am - on a scale of 1 to 10 - on a 8.5 now. I was somewhere between 4-6 the past few weeks to a couple of months. If you ask me why? I don't really know why. 

I guess feeling of just so overwhelmed. Slightly bit stuck. 
And most of all TIRED. 
But all of these are caused by a common denominator. Which is ME.

I am stubborn. I do not ask for help. 
I do not allow myself to rest. I feel guilty when I let other people do something for me. 
I am terrible at putting boundaries for other people. I do not know how to say NO. 
I allow myself overwork. And so many other reasons... 

BUT LATELY, Something seems to help...
My Aunt sent me some Essential Oils. 
Was I skeptical at first? Of course I was. But i've been practicing holistic healing already with Crystals, and  Meditations. But it'll be a new experience with Essential Oils. 

I have been using the Peace and Calming Blend II for almost a month and I also mix it with some Lavender at times especially at night time. I swear by this, it works!!!

I have been more calm, and in a much better state of mind. My moods has been so much better. 
I feel like I have better control of my emotions and better focus. 

I place a few drops in the palm of my hands, rub them together, and do a deep breathing technique 3 times every morning when I wake up. And I repeat this 3x a day when I feel like I need it. 

Today, I am so proud to share that I officially joined the Young Living Family. 
It wasn't a hard decision because I truly believe in their products.
I've already used another blend called PURIFICATION on my daughter and it was perfect for some insect bites that she had, I am meaning to write another post about it as well. So just watch out for that. But like what I mentioned, I am now an official member of the YL family, I am so excited to learn more about this company, the products, more blends, and explore more uses and to do more healing. If you are curious, you can try some products, You may do your own research or you may also ask me if you have any questions and maybe I can answer it for you If you decide to be a member or  if you'd like to buy/try some of the products, check it for yourself here: 

Young Living Sign Up:

I'd greatly appreciate it if you can use my Member Id no. as someone that referred you. 

Referred By:
Leonora Pangilinan
ID Member #15639168

I really do hope you decide to look it up. Because it's been life changing for me. And I am so stoke about this journey. I cannot wait to learn more-and share them with you! Do you have any experiences with Essential oils that you'd love to share? Please let me know in the comment section, i'd love to know about it. Thank you for stopping by!!! 😍

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