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Free Standard Size Traveler's Notebook Insert


Hello Loves,
As you may know that we have our own line of Traveler's Notebook.
So I created an undated weekly insert (for personal use only!) that you can print at home.
This includes Individual pages for the ones that doesn't have a two-sided printer.
And the multiple pages pdf file for the ones that has the two-sided printing option. 
Every printer has different settings. I use an HP Laser Printer and here is my setting.

My printer doesn't have the two-side printing option. So I print one side at a time.
 But I print multiple pages, when it's time to print on the other side,
 how my papers came out from the printer, is exactly how I put it back in.
I don't flip it or anything. 

I hope you like this Insert. Don't forget to Tag me on Instagram if and when you use it so that I can see your layouts. It's always fun to find Inspiration and gain new friends. 
Also visit our website 
and see if you find something fun and treat  yourself. 

Stay Happy & Keep Creating!

2 comments on "Free Standard Size Traveler's Notebook Insert"
  1. Thank you for the beautiful notebook, AND for the instructions.


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