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My Little Princess

Time flies. It really does. This young girl of mine turned 7 just a couple of days ago. I still can't believe it. We did a photoshoot today. She is wearing a beautiful dress from Children's Place. We got her headband and sun hat from Forever 21. She is soooooo full of life and energy. I love taking her pictures. And i'm so glad that she still likes it. Whew! How was your long weekend? Hope it was great one.

Celebrate Life


In the middle of this oh-so-busy life, take time to slow down. Smell the roses. Appreciate NOW. Live in the moment. No more obsessing about the past, and try not to stress about the future. Be in the moment and live for today.
No matter where you are at in this lifetime, you are where you are supposed to be. There are no accidents, enjoy your journey. And know in your heart, that everything is going to be A-OK.



Hello love,
    It's Spring Time and wild dlowers are out and looking sooooo pretty. They make me so happy. The weather is so beautiful that makes me want to go out and truly enjoy my day. I still can't believe sometimez, that our business is part of the paper crafting community. I feel so humble with this experience and our Journey. I will be forever grateful for our customers, amazing business owners that offered and still ofders their guidance and support. I sit here sometimes still trying to pinch myself. I am so grateful. Life is so good. We are working on some new products that we are hoping our customers will love. I am so scared but very excited at the same. And again, I still can't believe that it will be a reality anytime soon. 😊

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