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Versachalk Happy Mail


I've been enjoying playing with Chalk Markers lately.
I want to share with you one of my favorite company.

Hope you enjoy this video.
Thanks for watching!

Video Unboxing of Tombow VIP Box


Happy Printable

Hello loves,
Been a while. 
Been so busy with work.
Anywho, I made this cute image 
and I would like to share it for free for your personal use.
You may not print this image and reproduce it.
If project photo is shared online,
please tag us on social media #mommylhey
so that we can find you 😍
May not be used for logos or website/blog background image.
Please respect terms of use.
Hope you like it.

Anastasia Matte Lipsticks.


I went shopping at Ulta today for some Fall Make Up. I opted for these  3 new gorgeous colors from Anastasia. I decided to swatch it for you so you can see what it looks like. I am a Filipino so I have a Golden Brown Skin please keep that in mind when considering the colors for yourself. I love the consistency and the texture of the lipstick. It's matte but it doesn't feel drying at all. I try to stay away from MAC now for that reason. Their lip gloss and lippies makes my lips chapped. Ugh. But I still am a big fan and will always love other MAC products.

Swatches from the left are Honey, Rouge, and Rum Punch.
Enjoy and hope the swatches would give you a better idea of the colors.

Anastasia Renaissance: A Perfect Fall Pallette


Are you looking for a new Fall Make Up Pallette? Aaaaah look no more. Try the new Anastasia Modern Renaissance. Look at all these gorgeous fall colors. The color pay off is amazing. Very saturated so it means you only need very little, and it will last you longer.

Free Standard Size Traveler's Notebook Insert


Hello Loves,
As you may know that we have our own line of Traveler's Notebook.
So I created an undated weekly insert (for personal use only!) that you can print at home.
This includes Individual pages for the ones that doesn't have a two-sided printer.
And the multiple pages pdf file for the ones that has the two-sided printing option. 
Every printer has different settings. I use an HP Laser Printer and here is my setting.

My printer doesn't have the two-side printing option. So I print one side at a time.
 But I print multiple pages, when it's time to print on the other side,
 how my papers came out from the printer, is exactly how I put it back in.
I don't flip it or anything. 

I hope you like this Insert. Don't forget to Tag me on Instagram if and when you use it so that I can see your layouts. It's always fun to find Inspiration and gain new friends. 
Also visit our website 
and see if you find something fun and treat  yourself. 

Stay Happy & Keep Creating!

Toys R Us Kind Of Day


So These Little Prince and Princess of mine wanted to go to Toys R Us and look for some goodies.
They both got $20 Allowance each. I think it's very healthy for children 
to not get whatever they want, when they want. They need to learn the value of money, and giving value to their toys/things as well. 

So the Hunt for toys begin and lasted for a good hour. Haha.
Note To Self: If you need a good exercise, take kids to Toy R Us.

It's fun to see how overwhelm they get with so many options.
It was also nice to see them budgeting and counting in their little heads.

Raine really wanted the Unicorn but it was $34.00 so ooooops, no Uni corn Today Raine.

Thank goodness that Toys R Us have an amazing selection of toys $5.00 and under.
Raine & Zyon both picked up some 3D bubbles, toy cars, and bouncy balls.

Raine got another toy (I forgot what it's called) & Bright Bugs  too, and Zy man got a Remote Control Helicopter with his other goodies from the discount area too!
All smiles and material happiness under $40.00. Thank you Toys R Us!!!!

Best Chicken Wings Recipe Ever


Marinade your chicken wings in
Soy Sauce
(2) Limes
Black Pepper
Red Pepper Flakes
Fresh Minced Garlic
and Cilantro

I marinaded them in a ziplock bag for 30min 
before deep frying them. High Heat. I like them with burnt edges it holds
all the flavor! Yum!

I'm sorry I never measure my stuff and that is the very reason
I can never bake! I don't follow instructions well, Lol!
So I do what I do best, Winging things my way. Ha!
Try it! And lemme know how you like it!

Introducing our New Line of Traveler's Notebook

I love to take pictures, but I don't have a lot of time to create 
special scrapbook layouts anymore. 
So my traveler's notebook is a keeper of many special things to me.
My Poems, Songs, Scrapbook pages, Plans and Dreams.

If you'd like to find out more about it. Don't forget to check out our website:

Dairy Queen Stop.

So this afternoon. The kids and I decided to stop by at Dairy Queen after dinner.
We love their Blizzards and Sundaes. 
We love our plain Vanilla Sundae Cones too. 
So here's my little model doing what she loves. Eating. Lol.

What is your favorite fast food sundae?

Let them be kids. Please.

Our home is not what society thinks a LOVELY home is. Our Master's Bedroom has 2 king mattress. 
1 for our Zyon and sometimes me. And the other for Raine, Dad & I.
Our walls are full of Raine and Zyon's School Projects & Homework 
that they brought home from school. Did I think we were crazy at first? Oh yes.
But you know what? We stare at our walls and the kids would share with us
how and when they did those projects and how much fun they had, 
and that was the end of my doubts. 
I love it! I love our room. I wouldn't trade it for Pinterest-Picture Perfect rooms.
Because you know why? One day, like our oldest daughter...
They too, will grow up. Will no longer want to stay and sleep with us and
we won't be able to do a thing. We cannot stop them from growing up.
So right now, we embrace the mess, the imperfections.
Because it is our HOME. For cleanest and for the messiest. Lol.

If you still have younger ones, hold them tight.
Enjoy them.
Let them be kids.
Worry about the mess someday.
Many blessings to you my friend.


So I needed a break from Business, and Singing.
And I've always Loved Photography but decided that I didn't have enough time for it.
LIE. We all have TIME.
We just sometime choose NOT to have enough of it.
My husband and I work (hard) from home.
We manage our small business together, and sometimes...
I get REALLY tired and needs a break.
So, what to do? Trade in some old tools and bought a new one.

I got me the New Fujifilm XT-2.
And Boy oh boy! Do I love it or what?
It's A-wesome!!!

I've had it for 2 days and probably took thousands of shots already. Lol.
I decided that I also need to start blogging more since I really suck at Vlogging.
I always feel so awkward and struggle for words to say and stuff to talk about.
At least with blogging, I can pause and slow down and really think about the topic
or the words to say before they come out of my mouth.

Here are some sample shots, while I still tinker and play with this new toy of mine.
I hope you'll enjoy to see my children up through my photos.
Or try to visualize my day through my lens as well.

My Little Princess

Time flies. It really does. This young girl of mine turned 7 just a couple of days ago. I still can't believe it. We did a photoshoot today. She is wearing a beautiful dress from Children's Place. We got her headband and sun hat from Forever 21. She is soooooo full of life and energy. I love taking her pictures. And i'm so glad that she still likes it. Whew! How was your long weekend? Hope it was great one.

Celebrate Life


In the middle of this oh-so-busy life, take time to slow down. Smell the roses. Appreciate NOW. Live in the moment. No more obsessing about the past, and try not to stress about the future. Be in the moment and live for today.
No matter where you are at in this lifetime, you are where you are supposed to be. There are no accidents, enjoy your journey. And know in your heart, that everything is going to be A-OK.



Hello love,
    It's Spring Time and wild dlowers are out and looking sooooo pretty. They make me so happy. The weather is so beautiful that makes me want to go out and truly enjoy my day. I still can't believe sometimez, that our business is part of the paper crafting community. I feel so humble with this experience and our Journey. I will be forever grateful for our customers, amazing business owners that offered and still ofders their guidance and support. I sit here sometimes still trying to pinch myself. I am so grateful. Life is so good. We are working on some new products that we are hoping our customers will love. I am so scared but very excited at the same. And again, I still can't believe that it will be a reality anytime soon. 😊

My Prima Traveler's Journal


Chicago Adventures


Another roadtrip for the Ralston family. We had  a mini getaway to the Windy City. It was quick and sweet. The main purpose is because I needed to renew my passport and Chicago is where the closest Philippine embassy from where we live.

It was still surprisingly chilly. And for both days that we were there, it was rainy and yucky.

We stayed in the downtown area. Traffic and parking can be quite difficult in big cities. So we ended up parking our van in the hotel valet (cost $60 per night!) And used uber as our main source of transportation.

We didn't really get a chance to roam around the city because of the weather. But we managed to do a little bit of shopping, well just the kids really. Zyon wanted to go to Jordan's store and picked up some tennis
shoes for both of them.

We had lunch at Giordano's..Lesson learned, next time, go there an hour before you start getting really hungry. Because they are really busy. The food take forever. And with two stinky kiddos forever meant a d felt like forever. Ha!

But it was fun, although we were missing our eldest daughter Jazzle who stayed with my mother in law.

Until next time,


Every day with my husband is like a fairy tale come true. We share great conversations, We have good laughs, he holds me like no one else does. He respects me, Adores Me, and truly loves me. We make life worth  living. We raise our children with lots of LOVE. Yes it's true, Life is NOT perfect but ours are pretty damn close. 

Why do you I Journal?


Journaling is essential to me. 
It's the only place I pour out my soul. My Frustrations.
My hopes, dreams, and my overwhelming gratefulness.

It's amazing how much information you can provide yourself
when you go through your old journal pages.
It's like reading a "Self-Help" book but it caters directly to you!
Because wether you know it or not.
The information you need is already within you!
Try it, you'll be amazed how much it helps with your stress levels
or just for memory keeping alone. It's so much fun.

Work at home Momma

What's the most awesome thing about working from home?
I get to stay in my Pajamas All. Day. Long.
I mean who wouldn't right? It's so comfortable
All my creative juices keeps flowing better Lol!

And I get to be a bunny when I want to be!

And every once in a while dress up for my husband.

Free Printables

Hello Loves, 
I hope everyone is doing well. 
I woke a little bit earlier than usual today.
And started tinkering on some new designs.
I made this Chic Lady with Enormous Big Sunglasses!
She's so cute!!!
I shared this on our Facebook Group as a free Printable.
And so if you'd like it. Make sure to join our Group and
you'll be able to find it and get the download link from there!
Click down below!

Day 6 MyPlayFulMess Challenge: Self Portrait


Day 5 MyPlayfulMess Creative Challenge


Day 4 MyPlayfulMess Creative Challenge


My Hobonichi Set Up and Favorite Supplies

Hello Loves, 
I often get asked what my favorite pens, markers and coloring mediums are.
So I decided to make a quick video so I can share with you my simple set up
and share my favorite mediums and supplies. 
I hope this help you in some way. Enjoy! and Don't forget to Like And Subscribe!

Day 3 MyPlayfulMess: Typical Outfit


Hello Darlings, It's Day 3 yesterday and I forgot to post this video here.
Yesterday was all about Your Favorite or your typical outfit.
And mine is all about PJ's! Oh yes, I am obsessed with wearing pajamas at home. 
I work at home so I am blessed without having to worry about dress codes and all that jazz.
I love wearing robes too especially now it's winter, 
you will see me a lot with my jammies, robe, and coffee on hand. Hehe.

Hope you enjoy this video. And I hope you're enjoying and having with the daily prompts!

Day 2: My Playful Mess Hobonichi Process


Day 2 Entry.
We've received an overwhelming response from you girls doing the challenge as well.
I had so much fun looking and reading all your posts! Tag a friend also that you'd think will
enjoy this challenge! It's such a fun way on staying creative and also being of a small group 
that enjoys doing the same thing!

Hope you enjoy this video! Don't forget to Like and Subscribe to our YouTube Channel.
Have a beautiful day!!!

Day 1: MyPlayfulMess Hobonichi Creative Process


Hello Loves, today is the 1st day of our MyPlayfulMess Creative challenge.
I am so excited to be doing this with all of you!
Here is my process video, I hope you enjoy it.
And I am looking forward to seeing all your Creative Posts today!

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