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Learning and Never Giving Up

Hello My Beautiful Friends, How I've missed you.
I am still here, just been sooooo crazy busy.

Working hard running our small online business, learning new things,
in the middle of another move, and preparing for another show.
Yay huh? 
I must admit, It can get overwhelming sometimes, but i'm try my best to not feel that way.
I just try and focus on the good and keeping my eyes on the price.

I have ben learning Illustrator, enrolled in a few online classes and I'm learning so much.
I just love learning new things, it keeps my creative juices flowing, it's like feeding my soul.
It feels so good. 

I made a few new Illustrations this week, I added some in the wallbox and I wanna share a free wallpaper with you. Please keep in mind that all my graphics are for personal use only. And may I ask you to please help me promote it by Pinning it or sharing it on any of your favorite Social Media. Like always, I appreciate you. For still being here and supporting this little blog of mine.

I hope that you are enjoying your summer, and making lots of memories with your loved ones.
Enjoy the Wallpapers, Let me know what new things you're trying this Summer or if you're planning on learning new ones. I love hearing from you! :)

Click The Photo For The Higher Resolution.

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