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Hello everyone-How are you? Hope you are feeling better than we are.
We are all sick here at home. What's in the air lately?
I feel like as soon as winter hit, we just stayed sick the whole time.
My poor kiddos. 
It was Zyon's birthday yesterday, and we really didn't do much-
Too sick to do anything-My poor little ones.
So we went to the doctor first thing in the morning-Went to our favorite
chinese buffet. Bought XBOX games for present.
Snacks-And then home.
We planned a small party for Zy that I had to reschedule for next weekend.
We will just celebrate both Jazzle's and Zy's party at the same time.
We'll see how we're feeling by then.
Hopefully these new meds will work better.

Stay healthy everyone! Take your vitamin C's 

Enjoy this new wall I made.

2 comments on "Free 2015 Desktop Wallpaper"
  1. Thank You! Happy New Year! Hope you all feel better soon and be able to celebrate the birthdays:)

    1. You are welcome Wendy. AND HAPPY NEW YEAR darling...


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