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Joy The Elf

Been so crazy busy lately. Our home is infected with a virus.
It started with my teenager, and now they two youngest ones are having a contest who coughs the most... And now, I am starting to also have the chills. NO BUENO. Waaaaaah.

I still have a lot of things to finish and accomplish. Presents to wrap.
Cards to make. Invitation for my son. I really do not have the time to be sick.
Please send healing fairies my way, and loving prayers.
T H A N K Y O U.

Anyways, I was playing around with Illustrator tonight. Making my own patterns.
Handwritten sentiments, & designing cliparts.  And I made this cute elf.
I named her JOY, hee hee. This is for personal use only. (AS ALWAYS)

If you'd like to buy the clipart for commercial use, contact me using the contact form
located on the sidebar or email

But for your personal pleasure (that doesn't sound right, LOL) Here is a very
cute Christmas Wallpaper ready to be used. She will grace your phone screen.
Have a merry christmas everybody. I love you all!

1 comment on "Joy The Elf"
  1. do u have to have ur iphone 6 plus jailbroken to have that theme or what?!


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