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Hello Everyone! I just got back from my Hawaii Trip...
I tell you what, It was sooooo much fun. Bittersweet because I was also missing my family
the whole time I was there. You know how it is...

But nevertheless, I had fun. We had a successful show. 2 shows Sold Out!
Mahalo Hawaii... Mahalo Ala Moana Hotel.

I also bought so many goodies, and cannot wait to make YouTube videos 
of all my hauls and how Kate Spade robbed me. LOL.

So for now, Enjoy this two simple gradient walls that you can use
and match other themes. Gotta check if Online Go Launcher maker is working already.

My phone needs a new theme badly...

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  1. Online go launcher is that how you make all your themes? Would you be able to show a video on how you make your themes? If that's OK.. I'm just looking to learn how to design themes for myself


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