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NoH8 Theme for Go Launcher (Android)


Looking for a different color combination for your beloved phone?
Here is my  newest design that I am proud to share with all of you.
NOH8 theme for my Android Ladies. I am not sure yet if I will make 
this for iPhone. We have a few home stuff that I have to attend to this weekend and the next.
But who knows if my children will give me a spare time this weekend.

Yes, GoSMS will be available. Tomorrow perhaps.
This theme comes with 10 Beautiful wallpapers.
Dock Sticker  Icons
100+ Beautiful Minimal Round Glittered Icons
App Drawer Background
Menus and Buttons.
Indicators, Folder and Base Icons 
to have a more uniform look even for the apps that are not themed.

This is not a Stand Alone App.
Must have Go Launcher Installed on your phone.

After Successful Payment, 
Please Click "Return to Merchant (or Return To MommyLhey)"
to get Redirected back to the download link.
We do not offer refunds due to the nature of our products.
Please read Terms And Conditions Below
If you have any questions or concerns.


To save, Long Press On The Image. Set it on Go Keyboard Settings

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