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Freebie: Golden Queen

Hello Guys, How's everyone's week going? Can you believe it's the weekend again?
I cannot. Time sure flies when you are having fun.

Well, my week's been very busy with birthdays, Baby Raine's and Hubs yesterday, 
and kids's school activities.
Choir, Talent Show, and Award Ceremonies. But it's been awesome.
So proud of my kiddos, they did so well in school this year.
And also, so proud that they are following mommy's footsteps when it comes to singing.
Brings tears to my eyes when I see them on stage doing the same thing they love like me.
I feel so blessed.

Also guys, I still I have a few custom wallpapers that I am still working on.
I apologize for the delay, Life Happened. LOL.

Here is a very sophisticated wallpaper I made, and I want to share again with all of you.
I hope that you will like it. Please help me promote my blog since my old URL doesn't work
anymore, I have to let people know about this new blog address here. 
Please help me spread out the word. 
I also would like to express my gratitude to all of you, who has supported me for the last few years 
of designing. There truly has been many ups and downs. But the journey's been amazing.
I gained few special people in my life that I truly cherish and consider my friends.

I thank you all, for supporting me... and of continuously inspiring me to keep designing.
Sometimes, I hit my creative wall and gets stuck. But you guys keeps popping up
and never fails to inspire to create new and cute stuff. So I owe all this to you.

I hope you don't get tired of being here, reading and listening to my blubbers.
I have so much plans I want to make happen this next few months.

I really want to start creating video tutorials for y'all.
Also I will launch my Hand Made Cards on Etsy soon.
I hope that you also support me on that journey.

I appreciate you
Enjoy the wallpaper!


Freebie: Golden CandyBow Bar Set

Hello everyone it's hubby's birthday today. He said, do not ask him his age. Ha ha.
But I decided to do something special and treat y'all for a freebie. 
A special one too hee hee. So cute... I hope y'all would enjoy it. 
Use, Tag and Share it in any of favorite Social Media Sites.
I truly appreciate it!!!

Here is a Fab wallpaper
May you stay inspired to be YOU... and Love yourself, Flaws and all.

Let nobody else tell you and make you feel differently.

Also I made an Icon Set to match the wallpaper...

Icons are NOT bundled for the new jailbreak IOS7
For androids: If you do not know how to change Icons manually
please refer to my video tutorial on the sidebar >>>

Take Note:All of my Free Designs are for PERSONAL use only.

Hope y'all enjoy!!!!


Free Mommy Fonts


These are all TTF files. So, NO, it will not work on 
your jailbroken iPhones unless ported by someone.

Ready to use on your android devices using iFont.

These fonts are all for personal use only.
May not be used for your custom font making.
If you'd like to port it. May only be for free and kindly 
link back here to my blog.
Credits are always appreciated.

Thank you and Enjoy!


Giveaway Winner...


Congratulations Jessica!!!! Please email me at 

And Thank you everyone who participated in this giveaway!!!

I will do another one soon!!!!

Lots of Love!

Ahoy There Free Wallpaper

Do you own Sexy Sailor Theme? 
Then this free wallpaper will go perfectly with that theme...
Enjoy and I hope you'll like it!

All for personal use only!

Winner for my Spring Shower giveaway will be announced tonight!!!



Candy Meow Wallpaper Pack


This is a pack of 7 wallpapers.
Oh how I've missed Hello Kitty.

Wallpaper size is 640X1136
Fits iPhone 5-5S and Most Android Devices.
iPhone 4-4S users may still use it but must be manually resized
when applying on your phone.

All for personal use only. No refund due to that nature of this product.


After successful payment,
please click "return to merchant"
to get redirected to the download link.


iBoss Wallpaper And Icon Set


This Posting is For Wallpapers And Icons Only!!!
This is NOT bundled for IOS7

Wallpaper Sizes are available in Most Mobile Sizes

iPhone 4-5S and Most Android Phones
All for personal use only.

No refund due to the nature of this product.

After successful payment, click RETURN TO MECHANT
to get redirected to the download link.



iBoss Go Launcher (Android)

This is not a Stand-Alone Theme.
This requires Go Launcher to use.

This comes with 9 Wallpapers
Over 100+ Icons included in a separate folder.
Complete GoLauncher, with themed Menu Buttons, and Such.
App Drawer, Indicators, and Base/Folder Icons to match the theme.

This is for personal use only. No refund due to the nature of this product.


Free Go Keyboard Skin


Clearly Bling Icons (Freebies)


This icon set is not Bundled for IOS7 but you may bundle it yourself with proper knowledge.
May be used with IOS6 and Android Devices.

All for personal use only.



Midnight Love Wallpaper Pack


Midnight Love Wallpaper Pack.

8 Lovely Plum Base.
With a touch of Turqoise, Tangerine, and Brighter Plum.
Hint of glitters to finish the lovely designs.

Sizes Available for all mobile devices.
iPhone 4-5S, Android Portrait and Landscape Size.

After Successful Payment, Please Click "RETURN TO MERCHANT"
to get redirected to the download Link.

All for personal use only.



Forever Blue Wallpaper (Freebie)

Hello Everyone,

I hope al of you are well. Here I am sick with this bad cold. Really holding on tight. Ugh, this is a strong bacteria. But anyways, stay healthy, and drink lots of fluid. 

I am trying to finish more customs... I was able to finish a few today in the middle of major headache and lots of blowing my brains out. LOL. (Yucky!)

Anyways, I squeezed in to make a special wallpaper for all of you.
I hope you'll like it! Enjoy!

Also, do not forget to join my giveaway. A few more days to enter!
Please read instructions well!!!!

Bless you!!!



My Beautiful Wallpaper Pack (iPhone and Android)


7 Beautiful Wallpapers in One Pack.

A touch of feminine, with a minimal contemporary design.
Matches your feminine side when using a very simple set of icons like pictured about.
If you do not have any Clear Icons, I've released a free set... 
You may scroll along older posts and will find it there...

This set comes in 3 Sizes.

Will fit iPhone 4-4S Sizes
iPhone 5-5S and Androids
and Landscape Android Size for a scrollable setting.

After successful setting, please click
to be redirected to the download link.

All for personal use only.

Thank you,


Please do not forget to join my Giveaway.
You still have a few days to join!
See post below!

Mommy Lhey Spring Showers Giveaway! (CLOSED)


Alright Guys, It's GiveAway Time! 

Here are the rules... 

To get you points. If you do more, you get more chances to win.

Every time, you do something, Leave One separate comment here on blog each time.

For Example:

1st Comment:
I am following your Blog

2nd Comment:
I "LIKED" you on Facebook

then so on and so forth...

Only Comments here on blog will Count as an entry point for the giveaway!
So Leave Comments every time you do something
is very important!


Follow My Blog Here on Blogger (1) One Point, Leave a comment

Liked My Facebook Page (1)  One Point, Leave a comment

Share about this giveaway On Facebook (1) One Point, Leave a comment

Follow me on Twitter (1) One Point, Leave a comment

Tweet about the giveaway, Mention me so I can see @lheybralston
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Follow Me On Instagram @mommylhey , And If you already are, (1) Point, Leave a Comment

Share, RePost On Instagram (1) Point, Leave a comment
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Lastly, What do you love most about Mommy Lhey's Design 
(1) Point, Leave a comment

Alright now, the fun stuff....

Doll Images were bought from Saturated Canary.


3 Personalized, Custom Wallpapers ($15 Worth of Value)
Screenshots above are just a few of my Made Custom Wallpapers I made for different customers
It will be totally up to you which designs you'd like. If you want a picture, a hello kitty,
name, different patterns, different colors,


$10 Starbucks Gift Card

and lastly

 2 Theme of Your Choice 
(iPhone or Android, See Instagram for Themes)

This giveaway will close on May 25th 2014 12:00 Central Standard Time

Winner Will be announced on May 27 here on blog!

Have fun and Goodluck!!!!



You are awesome Wallpaper

Why am I sharing these wallpapers? Simply because, YOU ARE AWESOME!

I hope you enjoy and share it as well.



iPhone 5-5S

iPhone 4-4S

Free Forever Wallpaper


Hello everyone, I hope all of you are well.
I think i'm getting down with a flu.
Both my kids have been sniffling these past few days
and I think it's catching up on me.
Mommy Woo's. For all you mom's out there, I am sure you understand what I mean.

I've been working on custom wallpapers all week and I think I am finally caught up other than 
a few couple more, which I will also be sending out today...

I made this cute forever wallpaper.
It will match Most of my themes with bright colors like flawless, Meow Power and Etc.
I hope you all would enjoy it.

Have a fabulous weekend! And May You be safe wherever you are in this beautiful world!


Free Purple Gradient Heart Wallpaper


Hello everyone, I'm swamped with custom orders. 
But I made this cute purple gradient wallpaper yesterday.
I hope you'll like it...



Stinkin' Premade Wallpapers


This is a PREMADE custom Wallpaper.
No Changes Only Names.

Pick only one (1)

A: Deer "I dearly love ____________"

B: Monkey "I go Bananas over ______________"

C: Koala  "I am Koala-zy in love with _______________"

D: Skunk "I stinkin' love ___________________"

E: Chipmunk "I go NUTS over ______________"

F: (BONUS) Free with purchase 
"I am too FOXY for your love"

PS. In the screenshot below I am using GELLY icon set from the playstore.
I have a free Clear Gelly Icons too available here on my blog.
Just scroll down.


Please use  Premade Custom Wallpaper Payment on the sidebar >>>

And Kindly Email Me with your chosen Animal and Wordings.

Please Put in the Subject Email: FOR CUSTOM ANIMAL WALLPAPER ORDER



Custom Post Signature

Custom Post  Signature