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Spring Hair; from dark to light hairstyle

My husband loves my black hair. And I love it too. But every once in a while we reach that point where we need a change. And I reached that point.

I have a number of trusted hairdresser in Las Vegas, I have a friend that is a also a hairdresser here in Arkansas, but I thought to myself "heck, i'll do it on my own!" and that also saves me from a lot of disappointment. At least if nothing goes right, or if everything turns out perfect? It's my sole responsibility. Yaiks!

Things to remember when dyeing your own hair:

1. Pick the best shade that you really want. Don't feel embarrassed if you have to stand and stare at hundreds of different shades, and different brands of product at your favorite beauty supply store.

2. Research. Get information, read reviews of the products that you'll be needing/using.

3. Ask Questions. Don't be shy to ask gazillion of questions. But remember that even if you get an answer; keep in mind that it might be just based from their personal experience; unless of course it's a professional hairstylist you are speaking with. Also share some basic info of your hair. Quality and all.

4. Know the condition of your hair. If it was just recently treated, is it damaged or stressed, etc. this will help you decide which products to use and what steps to take.

Now that you're done with all the decision making. And it's actually time to do your own hair! The fun part! Well not so much. Lol.

More Reminders:

1. If your hair's been treated/dyed black or any dark shade. Remember that you might have to go through a "color correction" stage first. Please research and google it!

2. Always remember that the roots are always the easiest part of hair to develop/change. So make sure to start from the tips, then to the body of your hair then the roots.

I dyed my hair black a couple of months ago, so it took me a few stages (than normal) to achieve my desired color/shade.

Also Ask for help, your sister, mom, daughter and even husband. He was so cute helping me out today. I used a hair cap for the hi lights so he helped me with the pulling part hehe. We sure made some memories today. And good ones too! I just adore him so much. He's the best. Okay, okay, back to the hair.

So far I am pretty happy with the result. But It's also taking me a bit more time to get used to it. It's a big change I must say.

Deep Condition your hair after dyeing it. I didn't use any shampoo, I just washed off the products well then used my WEN conditioner and left it on for about 15-20min. And If you still haven't bought a WEN conditioner? Do yourself a favor, please do so! I give it 5★'s

This pictures were taken yesterday. The stage 1 and 2.

And here is the final result. Taken today after stage 3 and 4.

Black hair...

and now it's lighter
Looks OK?

1 comment on "Spring Hair; from dark to light hairstyle"
  1. I love it sis! That color looks awesome on you! Parang kakulay na lang ng hair ni Baby Raine! ;-)


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