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My wrong spellings and grammar


Do you plan ahead what you should blog about next? Do you have a list of topics then choose one? Or you're more like me that, whatever comes up and I feel like sharing? Then I'd blog.

I am no expert oh please. Doesn't even come close to one. I only write about what excites me or if there's new things that tickle my interest. Most importantly I blog and write about the things i'm grateful of. I find it so amusing to read past posts about my kids. To see how much they've grown and continuously growing.

It's a great plus when I read comments or receive private messages thanking me. Sharing how much I helped them or how much I inspired them. It feels so good inside, it makes blogging more fun when i'm part of this community.

I never stop trying and wanting to improve my writing skills, I always feel like I can do much better to make my posts more interesting, and use words that can express my thoughts better.

I know there's a lot of sites out there that can help me with this. Like online tutor or online classes that I can take.
Here's just one example of website that you can check out. Check out TheWritingFaculty because There's always room for improvement for everybody. I mean if there's an opportunity why not grab it right?

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