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My Little Soccer Player


It was his first game because we missed the last 2. Hu hu hu :(
But look at him? Isn't he just the cutest????  Aaaaah my heart melts.

We are so proud of him. We really thought that as timid as he is, he wouldn't participate so much and just be uncomfortable. But boy, did he proved us wrong!!! He was out there running around, and looked like he's been doing this for years now.

So proud of him.
Now, the next plan is to score a goal! ♥

Mommy Lhey



Look at my little daddy's girl... SO precious.

New Phone: Samsung Galaxy S 2


New Toy! Weeeee! Thanks Dad!

Life is great!

My blessings. Hope it made you smile.

iPhone 4/S Cases for sale!!!

I am bidding farewell to my beloved iPhone. So I will be no longer needing my cute cases. I will be selling them to YOU!!! Leave me a comment with your email/info or email: for serious inquiries only.

Spring Fashion Ideas

My taste in clothing is very minimal. I am not very much into accessories/jewelries. I like it plain jane. You'll mostly see me with my engagement and wedding ring. Maybe one big bangle and one statement ring on the right hand and my watch. Oooops a pair of stud earings too. Whew, after I typed it, doesn't sound so plain anymore, lol! But I know visually it still is, VERY plain.

I was playing on my phone last night and decided to put together 3 sets of outfit that I think would look great this spring. I know it's very minimal in accessories but i'm curious what you think?

My wrong spellings and grammar


Do you plan ahead what you should blog about next? Do you have a list of topics then choose one? Or you're more like me that, whatever comes up and I feel like sharing? Then I'd blog.

I am no expert oh please. Doesn't even come close to one. I only write about what excites me or if there's new things that tickle my interest. Most importantly I blog and write about the things i'm grateful of. I find it so amusing to read past posts about my kids. To see how much they've grown and continuously growing.

It's a great plus when I read comments or receive private messages thanking me. Sharing how much I helped them or how much I inspired them. It feels so good inside, it makes blogging more fun when i'm part of this community.

I never stop trying and wanting to improve my writing skills, I always feel like I can do much better to make my posts more interesting, and use words that can express my thoughts better.

I know there's a lot of sites out there that can help me with this. Like online tutor or online classes that I can take.
Here's just one example of website that you can check out. Check out TheWritingFaculty because There's always room for improvement for everybody. I mean if there's an opportunity why not grab it right?

Bye Bye Orange hair!

I Dyed my hair remember? And I dyed it again today. I looooooove it! No more Orange tint! Just Natural Blonde mixed with soft brown! It's a pretty shade... I am now very content with it. What do you think?

Teal Pumps

I love it! ♡ Will definitely be a good girl to my loving husband so I can get more colors, LOL!

What do you think of the color? Is it too bold for you?

Garnier Beauty Products

I bought this 2 Garnier Products from Walgreens today. Buy 1 Get 1 50% off. Will let you know after 4weeks if it works well.

Pastel Yellow Spring Nail

As much as I want to share the name of this nail polish, unfortunately Baby Raine took the sticker off the bottom. Hahaha. So I can't tell you. But I'm almost certain that there's a Lemon in the name. Like... Lemon it up? Maybe...

But with name or not, it's still so pretty cute. I like it a lot.

Spring Hair; from dark to light hairstyle

My husband loves my black hair. And I love it too. But every once in a while we reach that point where we need a change. And I reached that point.

I have a number of trusted hairdresser in Las Vegas, I have a friend that is a also a hairdresser here in Arkansas, but I thought to myself "heck, i'll do it on my own!" and that also saves me from a lot of disappointment. At least if nothing goes right, or if everything turns out perfect? It's my sole responsibility. Yaiks!

Things to remember when dyeing your own hair:

1. Pick the best shade that you really want. Don't feel embarrassed if you have to stand and stare at hundreds of different shades, and different brands of product at your favorite beauty supply store.

2. Research. Get information, read reviews of the products that you'll be needing/using.

3. Ask Questions. Don't be shy to ask gazillion of questions. But remember that even if you get an answer; keep in mind that it might be just based from their personal experience; unless of course it's a professional hairstylist you are speaking with. Also share some basic info of your hair. Quality and all.

4. Know the condition of your hair. If it was just recently treated, is it damaged or stressed, etc. this will help you decide which products to use and what steps to take.

Now that you're done with all the decision making. And it's actually time to do your own hair! The fun part! Well not so much. Lol.

More Reminders:

1. If your hair's been treated/dyed black or any dark shade. Remember that you might have to go through a "color correction" stage first. Please research and google it!

2. Always remember that the roots are always the easiest part of hair to develop/change. So make sure to start from the tips, then to the body of your hair then the roots.

I dyed my hair black a couple of months ago, so it took me a few stages (than normal) to achieve my desired color/shade.

Also Ask for help, your sister, mom, daughter and even husband. He was so cute helping me out today. I used a hair cap for the hi lights so he helped me with the pulling part hehe. We sure made some memories today. And good ones too! I just adore him so much. He's the best. Okay, okay, back to the hair.

So far I am pretty happy with the result. But It's also taking me a bit more time to get used to it. It's a big change I must say.

Deep Condition your hair after dyeing it. I didn't use any shampoo, I just washed off the products well then used my WEN conditioner and left it on for about 15-20min. And If you still haven't bought a WEN conditioner? Do yourself a favor, please do so! I give it 5★'s

This pictures were taken yesterday. The stage 1 and 2.

And here is the final result. Taken today after stage 3 and 4.

Black hair...

and now it's lighter
Looks OK?

Spring Nail Color

One of my favorites. Essie's "absolutely shore" 💅 it's a spring-y color. It's like a minty-teal color. I'm not sure if my description makes sense, but it's really cute. Whatchatink?

A Note.


A little reminder for all of us.

Look around you...
What do you see?
What grabbed your attention in first glance?

It shouldn't be what? it should be who.

Who are the people who surrounds you?
I hope you're making them feel special
and I hope they make you feel the same too.

No amount of shoes, purses, cars, and money can make me happy
 If I am not with my family.
They are one of the reasons why this world is so beautiful.
They are my True Luxury, My Pride, and My Joy.

Don't get too caught up with superficial things.
Make time. Spend time. 
And make every second worth it.
Spend your precious time here on Earth with your loved ones.
Life's too short!

Rakuga-Cute iPhone App


"RAKUGA-cute" is a "Japanese KAWAII" drawing application to enjoy the pictures.


Supported phones
iPhone4 after iOS4.2, iPhone3GS, iPad, iPod touch (third generation or later)

(※ iPhone3G, iPod touch prior to August 2009 are not supported)

When upgrading to iOS5, purchased collections may be reset.
When you repurchase collections with the same "AppleID" will not be charged.
We apologize for the inconvenience, Please purchase it again.

■ Basic Functions

Adjust the brightness of the pictures.
Graffiti Tools
-Roll Stamp
Eraser (step 3)
Undo,Redo (unrestricted)
Send Mail

"Brightness" is a beautiful bright color.
"Stamp" is moving, scaling, rotating freely available.


■ Store

Standard Collection ($ 3.99)

A lot of graffiti tools.
Also, ready to use "Effects Tools" useful features.

64 types → 160 types
40 types → 160 types
Roll Stamp
32 types → 96 types
24 types → 72 types

[Effects Tools]
Can be cut photos you like.
The selection of the photo will be mosaic.
Unusual black and white processing.
Can be processed photo like toy camera images.
Will stamp your photos.


"Standard Collection" with the purchase, will be able to purchase additional collections.


Ribbon Collection ($ 1.99)
Heart Collection($ 1.99)
Alphabet Collection($ 0.99)
Collage Collection($ 1.99)(NEW!) 

My Personal Review:
I love it. It's worth getting it if you loving taking pictures, editing your pictures, and if you love cute stuff.
I hardly go on my computer now to edit my photos. Unless it's for a work or a special project of course.
But this app is my current favorite. 
If you're tweeting me and still haven't replied to you,
 I might be editing pictures or playing Draw Some.
It's my new obsession lately aside form my family.


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