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My Little Red Riding Shoes

Here's my Little Lady Bug... Playing with my shoes again...
Just thought i'd share some new pictures of her playing eating with my shoes.

Isn't this so darn cute?!

There goes that stare again! Agh, melts my heart.

Waaaaaaaaah, she's so cute! :)

She looooooooves Shoes! Just like Mommy!

She's little Lady Bug! So Stinkin' Cute!


Someone to watch over me

I promised my friends Allan & Gina that I will make them a special video for their anniversary.
So here it is. One of my favorite song.
An Old Time Favorite.
A Classic.


She's One and a half year old already! What Happened?

Look at my little angel...
She is getting bigger and bigger every single day...

Getting Crazier and Crazier as well.

She amaze me constantly.

The moment she sees me with my camera, she knows it's "mommy time"

I have to be really quick with her, she moves fast. 
And with a manual/focal length lens, it's an adventure. LOL.

Enjoy your little one... they grow up fast. Like Crazy Fast! 


Urban Decay Book of Shadows 4

One of hub's birthday gifts. 
I cannot wait to play with it.
Do you own one already?
Do you like it?
Lemme know...


"Please Mommy" Look

Hi guys, Wanna see Baby Raine's "Please Mommy" Look?

Well tell me. Can you say "NO" to that?

Another Sunday With Angels

It was another lazy Sunday and a beautiful one indeed.

My kids are my happiness, they are my blessings.

I adore them... even in the middle of chaos and crazy tantrums, 
they can still manage to make me laugh.

She has a small boo-boo, fell and bit her lower lip, ouchie! :(

They are the best!

More blessings to you and your whole family...
Give you little one lots of hugs and kisses, they sure grow up so fast!

I'm turning 29 on Tuesday!!!! Waaaaaaah!


Fall Photoshoot

Self Portrait Shots. 

Photo shoot Inspirations


 Aren't they gorgeous??? Aaaaahhhh.. Just Lovely.


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