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My lil chipmunks!


It didn't rain for the last 2 days. Hooray!
So after doing all my motherhood-responsibilities, I asked the kids to go out on a short walk with mommy.
And of course when I say "walk" they know better that it has something to do with photography, because they know how lazy I can be when it comes to physical activities. LOL.

So here are some photos from today that I want to share with you. Leave me a comment or you can send me an email if there's any question that I can answer for you. Thank you and Enjoy!!!

Don't you love this Camera? It's so lovely cool.


She is such a good girl. And she is so pretty. 

And her legs? Ugh...

[ I want it. ]

She is an amazing big sister. She truly is a great help to me.

Always there for me.

And for her bother, oh I mean brother...

And Zyon adores and loves her so much...

She is a great "ATE"

I understand that she is growing up to be a lady. And as much as I don't like it.
It's a reality I face every single day. Kids grow up soooo fast. Yay!!!

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Till next post,

2 comments on "My lil chipmunks!"
  1. great pictures, sissy! Kiddos are cute and are definitely getting big... FAST! Keep up the good work with kiddos and the picture taking!

  2. very nice photos, luv et!!
    inspiring too. :)


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