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My lil chipmunks!


It didn't rain for the last 2 days. Hooray!
So after doing all my motherhood-responsibilities, I asked the kids to go out on a short walk with mommy.
And of course when I say "walk" they know better that it has something to do with photography, because they know how lazy I can be when it comes to physical activities. LOL.

So here are some photos from today that I want to share with you. Leave me a comment or you can send me an email if there's any question that I can answer for you. Thank you and Enjoy!!!

Don't you love this Camera? It's so lovely cool.


She is such a good girl. And she is so pretty. 

And her legs? Ugh...

[ I want it. ]

She is an amazing big sister. She truly is a great help to me.

Always there for me.

And for her bother, oh I mean brother...

And Zyon adores and loves her so much...

She is a great "ATE"

I understand that she is growing up to be a lady. And as much as I don't like it.
It's a reality I face every single day. Kids grow up soooo fast. Yay!!!

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Till next post,

I cannot wait.

I cannot wait to get organized. We are still in a middle of construction. Remodeling is not easy. As much as I want and as hard as I try to clean up, I just end up getting more frustrated. Everything's just a mess. From the garage, to the living room, to the kitchen, the sink, bathroom, no dryer, no dresser, no nothing. Waaaaaah, I cannot wait till all this is over. Last month, I just couldn't wait to have a beautiful home. Now? Just please give me a home. Something livable. Lol.

How was your Easter? The kids had so much fun hunting for Easter eggs, and was also very happy on what the Easter bunny has brought them.

I took some better pictures from my camera, although I still have to import it on my laptop. But I was so sick the whole day today, and just feeling yucky. Stomach flu, is what it is I think. Boo!

But it was still a very productive day coz I finished doing all the rental statements and we got 'em mailed today. I think we are doing well on trying to be better landlords. Haha. It's because We are too kind. I know how hard it is right now. The economy is really bad, but we also have to be smart, because we have kids. We mean business here, lol!

So basically, that's our day...
We had a yummy chicken sopas dinner.

The whole family actually went to bed early that's why I am here typing this. It's mommy time. Hooray for some little "me" time right?!

Till next time,

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Forever 21 and MAC Haul

I told you, there are rewards from being a great mom. And here are some simple material rewards I received yesterday.

I tried on several spring/floral outfits. Well, all I can say is that it's just not for me. I am more into neutral, white plain shirts. I can't pull off anything with pattern. Oooops except from animal prints, yay!

I also went to MAC and got me some goodies. I got a loose powder in NC45, a pencil eye liner black Smolder, a liquid eyeliner in RAPIDBLACK, A select cover-up concealer,

The wonder woman collection, The Pink Palette

With Flash

Without Flash

I got the viva glam gaga 2

I love nude lipstick. So I'm a fan of this shade.

I also got a cream highlighter it's called Fawntastic

I had fun yesterday. I was with the best shopping partner anyone could ever have, my little Zy man.

So you, what are you waiting for? Go and get yourself some rewards too!!! Have lots of fun!!!


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My Stress-Reliever


We had thunderstorms yesterday. Gave me time to reminisce about my childhood back in the P.I. 
I remember that just a small amount of rain would cause flood in our area. It's  like a big swimming pool, haha.. How fun!
I used to love playing in the rain, playing out in the flood, and to  just completely surrender to my childhood silliness. It was a different sense of freedom. How I miss it!

Here's Zyon trying to be spider man...
Remember the full surrender to childhood silliness?
Here are some great examples...

When I feel tired. I pick up my camera and I start taking pictures of my kids. It's my stress-reliever.
It's my therapy. It's my outlet now that I'm no longer working and singing. 
And it works well for me. 

Now that i'm a mother myself. I appreciate my parents more. 

Especially looking back on how NICE of a child I am. NOT.

And I am hoping that I make them proud now. 
I am trying my hardest to be the best mother to my children.

Everyday, I wake up. I put on my mask and costume.

I transform into a super hero. 

Some days are harder than the others.

But it's all good. 

There's MORE rewards than HARDSHIPS.


So, here's a toast to all of you Mom's out there.
Give yourself a pat in the back.
You're doing so well.
You're a GREAT MOM!



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