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Spring, Super Zyon, Baby Raine, and Princess Jazz

Hello Spring...

Well, as i've shared with you, Raine is now officially walking but I am still trying to catch her on video. Wellt i'm sure that you can somehow imagine how every single time i'm holding a phone/camera on my hand she decides that she won't walk, and as soon as i'm not paying attention,
then she will start walking. Grrrr, what a little-me! Bwahahahaha....

We are still living here in our basement hehe. With two mattress. Well at least now, we got the heater working. Sheeshz for the last two days we were freezing here...
Went for a walk today with Zyon and Raine.

My kids never fail to amaze me every single day. But Zyon is the most comical between them 3, although I think Raine has my personality, because I'm starting to see it in her more and more everyday.
Zy is my only boy, so can you imagine how much mommy spoils him? Oh boy!

If he stays the way he is now when he gets old. Man i'm telling you, he's got life pretty figured out.

This is Daddy's (Jason's) superman jacket when he was Zyon's age. It's so cute on Zy. I wish I can find a picture of J wearing this when he was a lil boy. That'll be pretty neat. To have their picture side by side.

He is so cool...

I love his personality, He is such a free spirit. Full of love and respect.

He is so big now. But to be honest with you, he doesn't want to grow up.
Because he knows he will start sleeping in his own room very soon...
and so he refuses to grow, LOL!
(I don't want him to grow up either!)

He is an amazing Big Brother.

Even when Baby Raine puts slobber all over him.

He loves her.

Very Much...

And to Her? His Big Sister? His Ate Jazz?

He is her little-bother.

But they love each other even when they are like cats and dogs most of the time.

My kids bring color to my life.

They are my reason for breathing. I owe them my joy for everyday. My desire to be a better me. My inspiration to be inspiring. They are the reason why I smile, and cry. They drive me crazy at times but they are also the only ones who can calm my heart and soul.


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