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A Rainy day with The Ralstons


Happy 10th Month Old Birthday to Raine today! I wanted to do a shoot outside. 
But it's gloomy and Raining...

My dear baby Raine is so strong... Scary Strong...

Hurry Jazz!!!


Look at my family! They are so busy!

Zyon usually plays with our iMac. But look at him enjoying my MacBookPro.

Ate Playing with her iPod Touch 4th Gen

Dad is busy too...

So I decided to just go outside in the rain and play...

Loving this weather, I only wish I have a Macro Lens already...
 But Oh Well... I still had fun out in the rain...
Lots of fun actually.
2 comments on "A Rainy day with The Ralstons"
  1. Beautiful pics! You captured nature in its breath-taking glory.


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