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Little red flaming lips


I've always been very careful on what shade of lipstick to wear, And mostly I use pale or nude colors.

Today I felt confident. I felt beautiful. So red it was. Very red. Sexy red. Beautiful red.

Here in Arkansas not a lot of people wear make up, very few cares about fashion, or they just probably have a different sense of fashion. And we definitely don't have that same taste. Yay!

Well, if you like attention? Then a red lipstick is a MUST, all eyes were focused on My red oversized lips this morning, nyahahahaha! But ya know me, I could care less. Yep!

So will I wear RED lipstick again?
MOst DEFINITELY!!!! Do you love red too?


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3 comments on "Little red flaming lips"
  1. I love red! And it looks good on you. =)

  2. Aaaaw thank you sweetie! :)

  3. Rawr!!! You're a vixen, sis! I wish I had the courage to wear those rouge colors. But before I do, I think I should buy some first! Hehehe.


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