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I've been so busy working on my business plans. Marketing strategies and working on logo, templates, etc. For my photography business, and also very busy Because we still have a house remodeling going on.

Arkansas: Do Love it here? YES!

It's beautiful out here, I love nature, I love the people, the community, the mall (lol) I don't know, I can't explain well enough, but yes we love it here. Somehow, it just feels so right.

Our house looks so different now, we are almost there, almost done. But obviously not yet, I cannot wait to have my mommy room, an office, my very own work station. I cannot wait to start being organized with everything, it's hard living on a suitcase. No matter how great my in Law's are, it still feels better when you lay your head at night, and you are in your own home and your own bed. Yay!

I cannot wait to show you guys how our house will look like. It's nothing extravagant, but this is what "great" will look like for us, only base from our personal preference. I am so thrilled, and also starting to be a 'lil impatient... Yaiks!!!

Till next time,

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