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I am excited

We are down to the smallest details. Today we sprayed primer, then we will be starting painting. I cannot wait.

Oh and I painted my nails too. We were at Walmart and thought that I'd grab one Sally hansen just because I was in desperate need To get my nails done.

Boy oh boy. After applying the 1st coat? I swore I'll never buy cheap nail polish ever again!!! It was so sticky, a pain in the butt to apply, and there were bubbles. Sigh...

Oh well, another lesson learned. Guess what made it all better?

I made some yummy chicken kabobs! It was soooooooooo good!!!

The whole family enjoyed it.

I know I surely did! :)


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2 comments on "I am excited"
  1. Mmmm... looks yummy! Are those mushrooms I spy? ;-)

  2. J, yes it's mushrooms. It was scrumptious. Hee hee :)


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