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Almost there...

Our house is almost done. We are almost there... Yay!!!

I must say that this part of our journey is quite interesting. We are living in our basement, no kitchen.

I wash our dishes in the tub. Lol. That is really special. We are making memories.

I think it's pretty special that we have these special moments to stay with the kids for a lifetime... And I hope that they will remember this part of our adventure forever. And that may they learn to be humble in life.

I am so proud of my best friend.

He works hard everyday to give me and the kids a home that we can be proud of.

Our home.
Aaaahh it truly feels good to say it.

Our home.
There, I said it again.

Here's a little sneak peek. Lol. Can't really see anything...

It's been raining and gloomy for the last 4-5 days. And I am ready for some sun.


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How to use textures in Photoshop


This is how I use textures in photoshop. I hope it can help you in some ways.


The best mother I can be

Woke up at around 4 in the morning. Jason was up watching a movie in the computer, he crawled up to me as soon as he saw me moved.

He told me he couldn't sleep again. We woke up at around this time too yesterday. I know him so well. I know something is bothering him, and I know what it is. Nothing about him & I or the kids. It is outside OUR circle. I feel sad for him. But I know that we are going to be OK. ( I dislike that word!) Let me rephrase that, Everything is going to be perfectly alright. We will.

I, on the other hand.

Finished reading my book. A romance novel from James Patterson. "Suzannes diary for Nicholas" Great read. Recommended.

After reading, I paused and looked at my family sleeping (Jason finally fell asleep)

Am I not the luckiest person on earth? God, How I wish that every single human being on earth feels this way. It's a blessing. That feeling of peace every time I breath in for air? That appreciation before I close my eyes to sleep? The love I feel just as soon as I open my eyes. The truth that most of the time my reality is better than my dreams? That's how everybody should be feeling. It's so sweet. It's almost so unreal. And I feel that sometimes it's almost unfair to others.

How could it be remotely possible that someone (which is me. And hoping that I'm not the only one.) is actually living a fairytale life? That my every day is like living one page at a time from a, Of a perfectly written Romance Novel. Isn't that perfect?

I'm thankful. And I hope that I am not failing on saying that every millisecond that I feel it.

I look at my kids. And I thank God that they are all healthy. That God chose me to raise His 3 Angels. That He blessed me with that blessing.

I pray for strength. And That May He bless me with a heart close to HIS, so BIG and overflowing with a love so UNCONDITIONAL. I want to be the best mother I can be for my children. Only the kind of mother that my sweet children only deserves.

Sometimes I catch myself with a tone of voice that is unacceptable, and I ask them for forgiveness for such days when I feel like I'm not my best.

There's no excuses. But there's a big room for improvements. Everyday is always another day to strive and be better. Not just to be the best mother or wife. But to be the best person.

I look at myself in the mirror and I love the person I see.

And I'm hoping you feel that same way too...


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A Rainy day with The Ralstons


Happy 10th Month Old Birthday to Raine today! I wanted to do a shoot outside. 
But it's gloomy and Raining...

My dear baby Raine is so strong... Scary Strong...

Hurry Jazz!!!


Look at my family! They are so busy!

Zyon usually plays with our iMac. But look at him enjoying my MacBookPro.

Ate Playing with her iPod Touch 4th Gen

Dad is busy too...

So I decided to just go outside in the rain and play...

Loving this weather, I only wish I have a Macro Lens already...
 But Oh Well... I still had fun out in the rain...
Lots of fun actually.

Spring, Super Zyon, Baby Raine, and Princess Jazz

Hello Spring...

Well, as i've shared with you, Raine is now officially walking but I am still trying to catch her on video. Wellt i'm sure that you can somehow imagine how every single time i'm holding a phone/camera on my hand she decides that she won't walk, and as soon as i'm not paying attention,
then she will start walking. Grrrr, what a little-me! Bwahahahaha....

We are still living here in our basement hehe. With two mattress. Well at least now, we got the heater working. Sheeshz for the last two days we were freezing here...
Went for a walk today with Zyon and Raine.

My kids never fail to amaze me every single day. But Zyon is the most comical between them 3, although I think Raine has my personality, because I'm starting to see it in her more and more everyday.
Zy is my only boy, so can you imagine how much mommy spoils him? Oh boy!

If he stays the way he is now when he gets old. Man i'm telling you, he's got life pretty figured out.

This is Daddy's (Jason's) superman jacket when he was Zyon's age. It's so cute on Zy. I wish I can find a picture of J wearing this when he was a lil boy. That'll be pretty neat. To have their picture side by side.

He is so cool...

I love his personality, He is such a free spirit. Full of love and respect.

He is so big now. But to be honest with you, he doesn't want to grow up.
Because he knows he will start sleeping in his own room very soon...
and so he refuses to grow, LOL!
(I don't want him to grow up either!)

He is an amazing Big Brother.

Even when Baby Raine puts slobber all over him.

He loves her.

Very Much...

And to Her? His Big Sister? His Ate Jazz?

He is her little-bother.

But they love each other even when they are like cats and dogs most of the time.

My kids bring color to my life.

They are my reason for breathing. I owe them my joy for everyday. My desire to be a better me. My inspiration to be inspiring. They are the reason why I smile, and cry. They drive me crazy at times but they are also the only ones who can calm my heart and soul.


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