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Thanks Pretty Ninang Maya!


Guess what the mailman brought for us today?

Loads of cute stuff for Ms. Raine...

Look at this cute Tu Tu Skirt!

And Yep, she loves it! 

Here's A lovely Leopard Jacket!

She loooooooves it!!!

And here's a very cute cowgirl outfit!

Looks like she's ready for Arkansas! LOL! :-)

Such a cutie!

Thanks Pretty Ninang Maya, She loooves all her little cute outfits.

Oh, And Thank you for my Bustier too! I Love Purple! I love BEBE! ♥

Sending our love and gratitude,

3 comments on "Thanks Pretty Ninang Maya!"
  1. baby RAINE I can't wait to see you so i can finally hold u & hug u, & give u kisses :)~ & take lotz of picz wit ya!b4 u start walking!yikez! lol*z & MARS thanks for sharing those wonderful picz. your kids are soooo lucky to have u & all those pretty things u do everyday :)~ im glad everybody likes d goodies lol*z & sowwy MARS, Ididnt put anything but d lil shoe laces for ZY & JAZ,I couldnt figure anything quick enuf so i dont have to keep d box in my possession FOREVER!LOL*Z DONT WORRY IL HAVE SUM GOODIES FOR D 3 OF 'EM NEXT TIME.. so till next time & i hope to C~YA GUYS B4 U LEAVE VEGAS AGAIN!! yikez! :( lol*z muahz kisses xoxo from CALI WIT LUV :)~

  2. Dami naman regalo ni Raine at ang gaganda pa! Pati si Mommy meron din! Yun nga palang camera na ginagamit ko e Canon 550D at yung lens naman e 50mm f/1.4. Click lang naman ako ng click di ko pa nga alam masyado mag manual.

  3. OH soooo cute! I only have boys, but I wish I had a little girl to buy all those things for her and get pictures taken of, too. I am seriously in love with those pictures -- so precious!


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