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Packed and Loaded


Well our truck is loaded. And It's a truck-full! I don't know how Jason did it, but he did it all by himself...

Well me? Of course I helped, I did all the cleaning up, packing, cooking, taking care of the kids, making sure everybody's eating well... Etc etc...

I am so tired. Soooooo tired :(

My back hurts. Getting old sucks. I think I have to start taking 10pills a day. Vitamin "this and that" LOL!

I offered a free massage to my dear Jason, and he refused. He doesn't enjoy it as much as I do. Trust me I would pick a good massage over s*x lol! To him he said it hurts. And he's a big cry baby too. So for a little pain, you could hear "oooh, ouch, aaaah," hehe... I know why he does it, he just wants love and kisses! :)


They were wonderful perfect! Zy was a great helper to dad. And Raine just crawled around all over the place like a crazy woman hehe. Ate Jazz was there to entertain her anyway. She is a big help to mommy (jazz) I'm grateful!

Love my kids. Loving my life, and this back pain too. NOT!!!

How bout ya? Whats new?


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2 comments on "Packed and Loaded"
  1. Good luck on the move! It'll be over soon.

  2. naging busy pala kayo sa pag pack ng mga gamit nyo. Susunod nyan busy namn unpacking.


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