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New Project: To Make a Tutu Skirt!

Tomorrow I will attempt to make some cute tutu skirts...
So we will see how it'll turn out.

And Now Presenting Zyon... My Tutu Skirt Model...

Oh Okay Maybe Not!

Here... She's my model...

Oh, Okay, Maybe Not.

How about you Jazz my sweetie? Would you like to model mommy's Tutu Skirt Tomorrow?

Yes, Finally. I got A Smile!

Today in the grocery store. I was approached by a Talent Agent from A Modeling Agency here in Las Vegas regarding my kids... Jazzle and Zyon were the only ones that were with me earlier.
She said they are absolutely adorable. They should be print ad models for Macy's and some other High class companies, And I was very polite and said "Thank you" but then of course I had to show off my little Raine too. (I have pictures of her in my phone too!) Hehe... So We will try and set up and audition tomorrow! Yay!
Can I get a "hooray!" for my Rockstars? :-)

2 comments on "New Project: To Make a Tutu Skirt!"
  1. Ako din gawa mo ng tutu! hehehe! Artistahin namn talaga mga anak mo may pagmamanahan namn diba? Ang saya naman at mag momodel model ang mga bulinggit!

  2. Hooray!!! Let me know if they start appearing in TV ads para maabangan hehe.


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