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I'm planning to plan


I wore pj's all day yesterday. Today, I got up and cleaned up and thought to myself that I want to plan about planning our lives. Lol. Sounds funny but it's true. To be honest with you, I don't make plans. I go live life everyday in randomness. No alphabetical order. Just cruising.

We went to Jazzle's new school. And the people/staff in the office were just wonderful. Amazing energy. Like all-time-high! They were so good to us, they gave the kids lots and lots of love.

And that's exactly what we were talking about living in a small town. Just that pure kindness and respect? Those are what I want my kids to learn, to possess. And to keep.

Well, so far so good...
I am living life of a diva.
Country category. Lol.


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