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Guardian Angels

My Real Life Guardian Angels...

We are officially on the road now... We left Nevada around 7:30 and now were here in Arizona. 60+ miles away from Flagstaff

We thought of stopping there to spend the rest of the night, but it was so cold... Brrrrrr!!! Ice/Snow all over the place. Yaiks! And we couldn't find any parking for our gigantic truck and trailer. So we decided to just keep on driving And so we ended up here. Where are we anyways? Don't even know what city we are in haha!

So anyways, the tail light of our trailer is not working so we have to call the truck company first thing in the morning tomorrow. I better get some rest. Baby Raine is still awake though, actually all of us are. Eeek!

Guess who's getting up early in the morning when Raine Bella decides that She's ready to play and dance!? ME!!!

Muah. Ako. Your truly, Mommy.

Alright, I'm putting this phone down now, and shall put everybody to sleep. Marshall law. Lol.

Goodnight guys... Say a little prayer for our safe travels... Thank you! ;)


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