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A Balloon kind of life...


You look up to me...
You admire my freedom.
The way I dance with the air...
And how I float up and down...

I appear to be free.
But I am tied with you in reality.
You dress me with fancy ribbons, 
with different length and different colors
Yet you never know
how I truly feel about that.

When I swing right and left,
When I am up above
That's when I feel my best
That's when I feel most loved

But when you try to own me.
You command me where I should go
You tell me how I should dance
You just can't let me go.

You hold on to me tight
So tight that I start to feel weak
Every second counts
I'm losing the strength and life in me

I am a balloon
I'm meant to fly high
I was made to float in air
And my freedom lies in your own hands
Only You can make free me
All you have to do is let go and untie me...

- The Balloon
  By: Lhey B Ralston

I took a picture of this balloon yesterday and got inspired to write 
a poem about it. Part of my reflection of my past. 
1 comment on "A Balloon kind of life..."
  1. I like your poem nene. Just remember that You are always free. Tied down or not.


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