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Arrived safely in our destination...

"Thank you Lord for keeping my family safe"

This is where we will be living from now on.
I am hoping to stay in our home for the rest of my life. 
I want to raise my children and children's children here.

Our 3 looong day trip has ended. Minus the fact that our truck broke down 4 times and we had to change vehicles, I can say that the whole trip went perfect. No bruises, No scratches, No one's hurt. It's all PERFECT.

I took a lot of pictures using my iPhone 4 on this trip. I packed my DSLR camera away that's why.
 And may I just say it for the record? I miss it so much... Waaaaaaah :(

I cannot wait to get settled and have my own "Mommy Room" 
We are blessed because our new home will have lot's of room
and daddy said that I will have a room of my own. Yey! :-)
Well, not my bedroom of course, it will just be for my toys, my make up room, my lil studio, 
my crafts room, and it will be my 'time-out' room also...

And I cannot wait to have A BIG BED. Our Bed...
So all of my kids would fit.

2 comments on "Arrived safely in our destination..."
  1. Hi, sorry it's been a long time...I'm glad to know that you arrived safe to your destination :) I'm also excited to have a peek of your mommy room :)

  2. Good luck to your new home sis!


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