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Why, Hello Monday!

I made the bed today! Yep, I did!

Why Hello Laundry!

Hello, Mr. Vacuum!

I decided I will do a semi-general cleaning... I have My Little People to help me anyways!

Okay, maybe not!

"Raine, don't go there!!!"

I asked Zy to watch her, and  look at what they were doing!


OH, and why hello to you too dishes!!!!

"It's okay Mom, i'll help you!"

It's okay sweetheart, They will help me today!

So, I Cleaned the bathroom, and gave the kids a bath!

I think I need to buy rubber duckies for Raine, The dragon is not so feminine-like!

Of course it's always an adventure (struggle) trying to change Raine.

But it's okay, Because Look at that face! :-)

Oh, and I finished the laundry too!


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