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New Haircut!

I know huh? Whaaaaat??? Again???? Yep, Again.

I have no decent photos yet, but its exactly just like Rihanna's old pixie cut with the longer bangs/front

But instead of blonde streak, I have a dark purple on my bangs. It's really cool, i feel and look like a Rockstar!

I tried doing a dark smokey eyes the other night, but I am not sure I like it. Maybe because the black tone of my hair alone gives me that strong presence already, or maybe it depends on the occasion. I bet you on stage I will look ravishing. Lol! :-)

I will try and post pictures maybe by tonight so you guys could see...

I'm still trying to finish pictures from disneyland, and Zyon's birthday.

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1 comment on "New Haircut!"
  1. Whoa! You and Rihanna look like twins. Pinagbiyak na buko, ika nga sa Pilipino. ^_^


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