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Monday Play dates and Tuesday Walk


Yep, Monday. Laundry day! 
Yay! I said the "L" word! Eeeeew, hahahaha!!! 

Jazzle had her friend Isabella came over in the house for a play date. 

They rode their bikes, danced and played "Just dance" on the wii. Listened to music, and then they danced some more...

And guess who had his friend came over for a play date too?

 King Zy Man and his best friend "Matthew"

Boys are crazier. Louder. More fun. No Hormones. LOL.

And guess who had a world of her own?

Princess Raine.

She didn't care if everyone around her was screaming and jumping.

She was too busy figuring out her walker.

And i'm telling you,
this girl is strong.

She is waaaaay too tough.

She definitely got that from Jason & I.

Sometimes, it scares the living heck out of me
just because she is still so tiny.

And she is still my baby.

Knock-Knock Lhey.

She's grown a lot.


Too fast.


Not fair.

Don't like it.

Not one lil bit!

And this is what they had for snack. Do you like Nutella too? Oooh, I'm a sucker for this.
The kids and I love this sweet stuff so much. I can eat this anytime. LOL.

Oh and by the way if you're wondering what I was doing in the middle of the chaos?

Busy. Very busy. Muti-tasking.

I was busy updating my website.

So our day ended with a very yummy mexican meal. I wasn't able to snap some shots of the chicken quesedilla that Jason made because I was starving like a pig already.
And another good news? I finished my laundry. Yey!


Raine has not been getting some good sleep these past few nights. And I don't like it. For her and For poor mommy. Lol.

 She woke up around 5:30 and decided that she doesn't want to go back in bed. 
It's tough. But it's all about getting used to. I have to train my system to this situation again.
Mind over matter.
I don't like sleep. I don't need sleep.
Waaaaaaaah, who am I kidding? Yay!

So we went out for a little walk. 1st time. Yup. Today's the first time. Better late than never right?
The weather yesterday and today here in Nevada is so delightful. It's beautiful. Upper 70's.
Pretty right? :-)

Here is Raine wondering what the heck we are doing? Haha.

And More Red.
I like Red. But I'm scared to wear Red Lipstick. Random. I know.

I felt good after our walk. And Baby Raine went back to sleep.... How's your day today?

2 comments on "Monday Play dates and Tuesday Walk"
  1. I love reading your site Lhey, you inspire do things that you do.. When i look at your picture, you don't seem so busy at all! But i gotta say this, WOW! your one of a kind! i can't believe you can do all this things, multi- tasking is not so easy for a mom with 3! like me! i really appreciate your sharing your blogs to everyone, makes us feel like we're not just a mother, we are a super women!!! Luv u Lhey! I'm one your fan! keep us update! ~always NINA~

  2. Nina, I appreciate you opening your heart to me. And yes you are a superwoman! And don't you forget that... We mommies are!!! Keep coming back here for more of our crazy stories. And maybe one day if you decide you want to make your own blog. I would be reading your stories, every time you have a new posts! Mwah, love you girl! Take care!


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