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Lazy Sunday. Not.

I went to the gym today! Wow right? Yey! Hehe... I feel good.
Reading while on the cycling bike helped a lot. I'm glad I brought my iPal with me.

So this morning I made some peanut butter french toasts. And guess what it's insanely good. 
Oh it was so yummy... The kids, Jason & I enjoyed it so much.

I got the recipe online from (if I'm correct) or I made one here,
you can just copy and save it if you want...

I didn't put vanilla or cinnamon like what it's in the recipe.
 And I also used brown sugar instead of white.
The kids finished our whipped cream last night so I didn't had anything left this morning. 
But we did put strawberries and bananas on top. 

Try it, you might like it. It sure did put a smile on our face this morning...

Although Jazz didn't really look very happy in this picture, LOL!

But look at dad...

Enjoy the rest of your Lazy Sunday!!!

Pizza and Ice cream later. Hehe!

3 comments on "Lazy Sunday. Not."
  1. that looks very yummy! i'm sorry i've taken so long to stop by your blog. thank you for following and i'm following you back. happy to meet you and i look forward to reading more of mommy lhey!

  2. Kudos to you for going to the gym!

  3. Happy breakfast for a happy family^_^

    Have a nice day,Mommy Lhey^_^


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