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When kindness starts being A negative (-) than A Positive (+) thing almost.
My friend is the kindest person I know. And I dislike it that sometimes I see his goodness as a negative. But you know what? I should NOT. I should NEVER see it as a bad thing. Because it’s not his fault that the people that surrounds him are bad. They take advantage of him and his generosity and patience. These people are so full of it. 
Despite of everything, he would remain calm and kind. Because he respects people hardships and struggles very much. And now you are probably starting to think how negative of a person I am compared to my friend. Trust me my dear, I am not. But If you were in my shoe. And you could see all the bull-kaka my friend is going through. You will feel the same as I do now. 
He asked me for an advice this evening and I now sit here thinking if I gave him the right one. 
I shared with him, that maybe these “people” know how soft and good his heart is and that they see it as his weak-point. And now they will use his GUARD as their weapon against him. So the best advice I came up with is
“To slow down” —- “Pay Attention to every detail, from the smallest to the biggest one” 
Make sure that when he gives an ultimatum, he sticks to it. 
Don’t be like a girl with some hormonal-imbalance problem.
I’m still hopeful. There are still a lot of goodness out there. 
“Seek and ye shall find!”

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