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It's a small world after all...


Twitter... Facebook... It makes the world so much smaller. YM, SKYPE, Facebook chat. Made communication with families and friends overseas so much easier.

Yesterday, I met with a new-found friend through twitter. She is also a Filipino. She is a mommy to "nugget", A 14 month old cute baby boy (Real name Tristan) and she is also a working-momma! I admire her for being able to manage work and being a momma and a wifey. Kudos Sister!

I brought hubby and the kids with me, except for Jazz because she was at school!

Marie just bought a new DSLR, so I shared a few tips that I know. Nope, I am not an expert. I just shared tips that I read online too, and some tips that I've experienced myself. So here are some photos from yesterday's adventure...

Mama and Nugget

You guys can visit Marie's Blog HERE 


Mama being silly!

Me and Mr. Ralston

Future Superstars!

Zyon is such a character. I would ask him to pose for me, and I just know
that he will give me his 100% every time! So cute...

Is he the star or what?

Haha, So after we went to the park, we had a light lunch at p.f changs, yummy!

All I can say is Thanks to this plastic cup with lids!!!! If you're a mom, ya know what I  mean! :)

4 comments on "It's a small world after all..."
  1. Nice meet-up Mommy Lei.

    It is good to meet other people that you just met online. Last last week, I met with a Malaysian blogger whom I just known through the blogosphere.

  2. Ang cute naman mag pose ng mga bata! Mabuti naman nakatagpo ka dyan ng bagong amiga na pwede mong i meet paminsan minsan.

  3. Omg I never got to see this!! Thanks for the great pictures and documenting out meet up!! What a fun day!



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