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iPad: My iPal :)


Today is just one of those chill-out day. Zyon and Raine are behaving perfect, Jason taking care of business.

And I.

Busy editing pictures.

Busy eating.

Busy blogging.

And very busy...


Yep, Racing.

The New Asphalt 6 on my iPal :)

I ♡ it.

and I am addicted to it.

As well as with the Shrek Kart, Fruit Ninja, and Angry Birds Games.

So, I decided that I want to share with you some of the few apps on my iPal  that I really like.

Let's start with my apple case.

I do like it. It's light and sturdy. I love the feel of the texture of the case on my hand.
But... it gets dirty so easily. And Specially for me who wears make up often. Because every time I accidentally touch my face, I get a bit of powder or my foundation on my hand, I'll use my iPal, then it will leave white marks on the case from the make up. And No, I'm not giving up the make up just for the case, hehe...

I am amazed with the battery life. I am happy with the weight. It's Kinda heavy but not really. I like it because it just feels solid and not cheap. Ya' know what I mean? It's apple. Hehe.

So let's talk about the apps...

Facebook doesn't have an official app for the iPad, so I use Friendly. And I purchased the paid version.
I can upload photos, create album, and I mean most everything that I want to do on facebook. But the Only thing that I think it's lacking is the option for a push notification. That's all! Maybe on the next update, it will happen. Who knows?

Official Twitter app is absolutely amazing.  I love the push notification so I don't miss any of my friends @mention to me. Although I still purchased the Twittelator Pro because of their cute characters like these (☺,♥,☁,☀,♡,✔) if only twittelator has push notification? It will be the best twitter app for me.
By the way if you're on twitter, follow me @lheybella then holla at me so I can follow ya back! 

I purchased Blogpress for blogging here. And downloaded Wordpress official app for my tagalog blogs.

I purchased the Beejive for chats. I use it on YM, and Facebook chat. It was quite pricey it was $9.99 if I remember correctly. Then I found about the IMO app it's FREE. Great huh? and Nope, there's no refund on iTunes. Dang! LOL. Both apps are great, and both has Push notification. I use the IMO with skype.

Lastly on this folder is HeyWire. I use this app to txt my friends/family in the Philippines for free. Yep, you heard it right. For Free. But then when they text you back it will cost them money. But also know, there are some apps now that they can use to text you back for free. Like YahooMessenger, I believe it will let you text Internationally. As long your mobile no. is saved under your yahoo id/name. Or they can use Chikka Messenger too. It's a texting app that you can use online. 

I downloaded books for Zy Man. And we have fun with it. These are read-along books, or you can just easily press "auto play" and then the magic begins. Some apps will show you options like "Read by Myself" or "Read to me"  which I find it very nice. The kids enjoy reading more because of great, colorful, graphics and with some you can even interact and touch the screen for more fun stuff.

Here's what my library looks like. A good friend shared his 600+ ebooks with me last christmas.
I love to read. So I am so happy with this gift. Makes me smile every time I look at it :-)

One thing that I also find very useful is being to able to put all my bookmarked websites that I love to visit everyday on one folder. I have it all saved there, Me likey. Very Nice.

Flipboard app. Awesome. Must-have. Download it now
I signed in to my google reader, So I can now see all the blogs that I'm following on a magazine-like style. You flip through pages. Just like reading a magazine. And You also have the option to share any article on Facebook, on Twitter, Google Buzz, or Email. I also signed in to my flickr account so I am updated every time my friends upload new photos.
And I also have my Facebook and Twitter account on it. Very Cool App. 5 Stars! 

Games, Oh Games. Need I say More? Addicting. Fun. We love it.

Asphalt 6 is my latest addiction. Purchased it for $6.99. I think it's worth it. Love it to pieces. 

So what are you waiting for? Go to iTunes store and start downloading. LOL.

Hope you enjoyed that, and hey if you have a favorite app that I don't know about. Please leave me a comment and I would definitely check it out!!! 
Thank you!

Much Love,
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  1. I LOVE FRUIT NINJA!! I have it on my phone and I think I spend hours on it!! I liked that blog reader you have, very very neat!


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