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Gotta love the classic!

We celebrated Jazzle's Birthday Last Saturday. And the kids had fun...

She got an ipod touch... 4th Gen...

I couldn't believe that I don't have a picture of Jazz blowing her candle. I only took a video. Darn! But here's Zy Man... of course he wanted to blow the candles too...

Four of her friends came. I am actually happy about that. 4 is Perfect for the size of four apartment.

Oh and also, do you know what happened the day after her birthday?
She became a young lady.
I am still shocked! Caught me unprepared. Too young! 10? Not Fair.

Next thing I know he will be a teenager too :-(
and her.
She got her 1st boo-boo the other day. But it healed very fast. Im grateful. 

How are you?
3 comments on "Gotta love the classic!"
  1. What a delicious-looking cake! Lucky girl! And a! That's a surprise!

  2. beautiful photos and cute blog!

    - Amylou

  3. Happy birthday to your pretty baby... Ooohh! Now a lady.


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