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California Love


Yep, we are here in LA. I did a corporate event (singing) at Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills yesterday, it was a birthday/new year's eve party. I am so happy that I was given that privilege to be a part of that beautiful event. 
And I was so happy that I sang during the first part of the program. Which means? I went home early. Yay!
Finally, A New Year's eve with my family. Countdown in the arms of the only man I love and adore, and with my beautiful sleeping kids...

We decided that we will skip the Rose Bowl Parade in Pasadena. Today we all agreed to spend our day in the beach (Long Beach, CA) and had Lebanese Food for Lunch. And OMG, Jason loved every single bite he took. LOL. But no seriously, He truly did loved it! He said it's his new favorite food, eating out.

So Here are some of our pictures from today that I would love to share with all of you...

Hampton Inn, Our home away from home...

Oooops, Random.

We want to make sure that she stays warm...

My Birthday Girl (January 8)

She had so much fun picking up shells...

Tomorrow is his birthday today actually, January 2, Wow, he's 4 already!

                The Kids had so much fun in the beach, as much as I enjoyed taking their pictures.
It was a fun day Indeed.
Well, guess where our destination for tomorrow is?

DISNEYLAND!!!! Yey! It will be our first time to go there. We are all so excited!

Zy turned 4 today, (January 2) and Jazz is turning 10 on the 8th. And this will be a part of their birthday gifts... I can't wait to see the smiles on their faces later...

So here is the woman behind the lens!

Again, A Happy New Year to Everyone! May this 2011 be filled with more smiles, laughters, more love, kindness, and joy. 

Be a blessing to others, and you'll attract only the good things into your lives! 

3 comments on "California Love"
  1. Ganda Namn jan! Happy New Year! Happy belated birthday din kay Zyon at advance Happy bday naman kay Jazz!

  2. absolutely beautiful family...including mommy!! Thanks for following...hope I can be interesting for you :)

  3. hey Ms.Beckham;)
    Happy New Year..and birthday greetings to Zy and Jazz.

    I love your pictures!!


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