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Cake, Candles, and Toys...

Raine got her 1st major bloody boo boo the other day from accidentally hitting her upper lip on the table.
And It's amazing how we react to such news. Jason called me on the phone and told me about what happened, immediately I felt a cold rush.
Felt like somebody just poured a bucket-full of cold water in my whole body.


Thank God that her lips are doing much better now though. It took a few hours before the swelling went down. But it was actually faster than we thought it would take.
And we're so grateful that it's nothing "Major Major!" :-)

Oh, and she just turned 8 months too! yesterday!

Happy Birthday Baby!

Time flies. Look at the 3 of them. They are all so big now.


Seems like it was just yesterday.

Guess who got some new toys? Zy Man.

EX-Man came to visit. Picked him up this morning and they went shopping. I choose not to talk about my relationship-story of my past. Because what matters to me now is my present. And my tomorrow...

Kids are magical. They have such strong imagination... I once had that. I think. And I wonder if I still have it in me. Probably yeah. Maybe...

The way they package the toys now is such a 'pain-in-the-behind' to open.
Don't you think so too? Well I don't know 'bout you, but I know I had a hard time getting the toys out of the boxes earlier, and assembling them is another totally different story. All I can say that getting the toys out of the box was much easier. Nuff said. LOL.

Always so curious what her brother is up to.
Raine: "Where all those noises coming from?" :-)

And He shall be called "Robotics" And Zy Man gave him that name. So Cute. And yep, He's the noisy One. My Jason left this morning to close on our house in Arkansas and to also deal with some issues that I kinda wish he wouldn't have to go through. But I know in my heart that in every situation, may it be good or bad, we can always find something positive. It's all how we look at the whole picture.

We control our thoughts, We control our emotions. We are in control of our every actions.
We become who we really wanna be.

Oh yeah, but in the contrary...

Today, I ate a big piece of chocolate cake. Just because I can.
I wasn't my best. I feel ugly and fat. And I don't like it. I dislike feeling this way. Negative. 
Too much from just preaching about controlling our thoughts huh?
Haha, But oh well, I guess i'll just blame it on the hormones...

Hormones took control of my whole being this day. And I surrendered.

I'm only human. I'm Weak.

Bull-KAKA!!! Hahahahaha!!!

Till Next time,
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