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Busy, Busy, Busy...

Yesterday I made another Tagalog (Filipino) Blog. I erased my last one, and I was crazy in the head for doing it. So yesterday, I made a new one but in Wordpress. So anyways, here are the promised photos from Disneyland... 

Lessons I learned from that trip:

* Check  'Weather Channel' app from iPod, iPad, or My MacBookPro or even my phone DroidX

* Charge my Point-and-Shoot battery, or better yet, buy a spare one!

* Bring your camera bag and do not leave it in the car, incase you need to change lenses!!!

* Be MORE prepared!


Okay, nuff said... I am still glad that we followed through our idea of taking the kids to the happiest place on earth...

 No  Other Than Mickey Mouse Himself...
"He is a great dancer"

The band played "Under the Sea" from Little Mermaid

and We had to rent a stroller for the birthday boy for $15, Lawd I cannot imagine how much money Disney is making in an Hour just in that place... *panting*
Look at my happy birthday boy (He just turned 4)

This shot below of Jazzle & I was taken by Hubby. I just had to put my watermark there...
And Look at Jazz, so happy. This is one of the 3 rides that we had the opportunity to try before it started to rain!
Shot taken by Jason again...

After this ride, guess who we saw?

Yep, Buzz Lightyear!

and can you tell, Zyon loves  him?

And baby Raine, got tired. But she was perfect all the way...
She just fell asleep in my arms.

So yup, that's it... that last shot was taken when we rode the disney train. Hoping that the rain would stop and we can jump out and start having fun again. But, NO LUCK.
Oh well, it's alright. We had a blast, we made more memories...

Kids 1st time in Disney? We were dripping wet in the rain. Fun. LOL.

Happy Birthday Zyon, We Love You!

So now we are busy preparing for Jazzle's 10th Birthday Party on Saturday. 
At first she said she didn't want too much pink, but we ended up picking Black and Hot Pink for the theme, and purple as well. 
Here are some goodies that we did the other night. 

She will have a total of 8 friends coming, Thank Lawd! 
Our Apartment is so tiny, we will be like sardines inside.

Got the prizes from Party City for ¢99 each.

Today we will go to Michaels to finish her Message Board...
Like A Guestbook type? She is so excited... I am too...

So how about you? What have you been up to lately? Busy as well?

Our life as a mommy is always rewarding in the end. Although it can be very tiring sometimes, those two things always make everything alright... (2 kisses)

4 comments on "Busy, Busy, Busy..."
  1. I'm going to be so OCD when it comes to my children's parties. <3

    Your daughter is a splitting image of you! :P

    The tokens look great, Lhey! Happy New Year to you and the family!

  2. "Check the weather channel" - that's good advice!
    Looks like you had a great time! Lovely photos!

  3. so fun!! A few years ago we took Little M to disneyland for the first time - it was SO cool to see it with her "new" eyes. It's great being a kid there, but dang it's really awesome taking kids there!


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