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As I promised

As I promised myself, I will make Raine a headband for Christmas which I did. Yep, I finished it. When I bought the materials that i'll need, I thought to myself "What in the hell am I thinking?" I've never done anything like this before. Its not like its gonna be so hard, its a simple math. But Jeez Lewiz, I have troubles finishing something that I started. But I did, and I am very proud of myself.

20-11??? I'm planning on- SOMETHING!!!! I don't know yet. LOL. How about you? What are yourplans/projects for twenty-eleven? Let me know, maybe I can get some ideas. Thanks!!! :))

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1 comment on "As I promised"
  1. the headband came out great!! maybe that's what 2011 takes you!! ;)


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