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Almost "I Do!"

She stood there. Mixed emotions are winning over her whole being. Head down. Then all of a sudden she felt suffocated. She tried to gasp for air like every breath will be her last.

Now confused. She realized that she left the real world for  about a split second, that actually felt like eternity for her...

She tried to calm herself down the best way she could. She's good at this. Take Control Lhey...

She composed herself like how a sophisticated, confident woman would....

She gazed in her surrounding. People. A lot of them. And all eyes are on her. People muttering. Exchanging stage-whispers.

Those looks are so familiar. She dealt with these kind of people all her teenage and adult life. And yet she also mastered the response that she would give to them. 

She took a deep breathe and She smiled. A sweet innocent smile. That only she knows what it really means.

"Hey sweetie are you okay?" This sweet lady asked. She looks familiar. Aaaaaah she has entered a delusion. She can't remember what's going on...

Then she looked down again. This tiny sparkling thing caught her attention. Her ring. Her engagement ring. Then everything made sense. Reality came back like a flash flood. It's my wedding day. Yes, I am here to get married. It's so ironic that such a small thing like the ring could mean a million times bigger that it's size. It holds a greater value. A promise of forever. Not just a rock, a stone. The symbol it possess is what hold it's power. I am loved. I am adored and needed by the man who bestowed me with this tiny piece of shimmering particles. He asked me to share a lifetime with him.

Music... she heard the most beautiful noise... It was so powerful that she lost focused to all those criticizing eyes. She heard the sound of the piano. And then she remembered that it was her cue. She saw one person trying to catch her attention by waving at her. She is signaling her to walk. She obeyed. 

She took her first step. She could hear heart pounding so fast and hard. Her knees were weak. She felt like she was gonna faint. "I am happy. Very happy!" she reminded herself. This all doesn't make sense. Happiness and what she's feeling at that moment doesn't go together. 

Once she was warned that she would feel this way on her special day. She remembered that she just laughed at that comment. Look at her now. So nervous....

She was too nervous that she forgot to pay attention to all the beauty that surrounds her. All the beautiful flowers, just what she'd dreamed of. She had this scenario painted in her little head ever since she was a little girl. She  daydream's about this every once in a while... She had this perfect portrait in her memory.

Her wedding day.

The Candles... The fascinating sound of the choir... 

She's still walking. She forgot all about being nervous. Now she is happy. Truly happy. Like all the angels are singing with the choir. Now she feels like she's floating up in the clouds.

And then There HE was.
Standing in front of the Altar. The man of her dreams.
She saw his white shoes. Actually he was wearing all white.
He looked stunning. She's getting closer and closer to him. Every step she makes lead her to her knight and shining armor. And that is soon-to-be husband. Wow! My husband-to-be. She felt like giggling with that thought. She felt like a teenager going out on her very first date.
She is in complete ecstasy. 

Then she took that last step. The last step to freedom. Is it really freedom that she's parting with? Or was she really saying good bye to the lonesomeness of being solo? The deserted world of being alone. After this step, she'll never be alone again. Never again...

He reached out for her hand... She looked up to him and stared at his beautiful face. Aaaaah she could stare at his face forever. She took his hand. And she couldn't resist not to caress his cheek. She likes doing that. It's like she's transferring all her love to him with a single touch. 

Now they are standing side by side.
Hand in hand.
And they will face this day together. With both happy hearts and with complete understanding. Understanding that this is not just another ceremony they have to go through to sign a piece of paper. But this is a celebration of a commitment that they wholeheartedly will give to each other. A vow to stay together in richness and in poor, through sickness and in health, and till death do they part. Those weren't just words. Those words are alive to them. It may sound like a broken record to this man preaching and conducting this ceremony. But to them that verse is powerful. 

The man said more... He talked and talked...

Then the moment of truth came... He asked him a question

"Do you take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife?"
He answered. "I DO!"

Then it's her turn to be questioned.

"Do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

*Baby Crying....*

Argh! 7:11 am 

Raine is awake. Time for a bottle. Dang, it was all just a dream...
3 comments on "Almost "I Do!""
  1. Beautiful. So very beautifully written!

  2. haha. akala ko pa naman real life story. ganda ng pagkagawa.

  3. Beautiful! I shared the narrator's frustration at the end, too! :)


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