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What's Wrong?

 I am not sure what's wrong with him lately. Please don't get me wrong because he's still my perfect little boy. But you can add a lil bit of "crying-more-often" on that menu right there.

Do you think its just the age? A phase?
Because he's not like this. Zy is the most amazing little boy you'll ever meet, and thats also not because he's mine. I am just being honest with you. He is an amazing kid.

Lately he's been crying a lot. For simple reasons, I mean just simple silly things. Jason &I can't figure out the problem. And so we both agreed that it's just the age. He's 3 now and will turn 4 next month. Jazzle and him will celebrate together. His birthday is on the 2nd and Jazzle is on the 8th. It will be fun. And yes expensive, LOL!

Do you have a 3 year old boy? What is he like? Let me know. Please share some tips, Thanks!

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