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There's always a "First time"


I slept early this evening. Yes, I slept before J and the kids. We spent our whole day laying around, watched movies, we had pizza, popcorn, ate lots of goodies ('d bad stuff) = LAZY SUNDAY!!! 

I woke up from baby Raine's soft moan/cry. It was around 12 something... It's time for a bottle.
And every time I hear that, (cry) for some reasons my body is programmed to react so quick. I get up like after a split second of hearing her. No matter how tired I am or sleepy? My body says "GET UP!!!"

So as soon as I got up, and take note, Getting up doesn't mean that I am awake. Maybe my inner "me" is, but for sure my eyes aren't. 

Checked her on her crib, I gently put her head back to her pillow. and I, "Mrs. Sleep walking" tried to find my way to the kitchen. 


Instead of turning left to go to the kitchen, unconsciously I went straight to the wall. Head first. LOL.

Well, That's the first time for me. Haha!!!

It's too funny that I had to blog about it before I even forget to do it, again... like the few  more other stories...

Goodnight guys, going back to sleep now.

4 comments on "There's always a "First time""
  1. lol !! Hope you are ok! and I totally get that whole "GET UP" as soon as the baby cries, I was the same with my boys.

  2. You have such an adorable baby! :) How old is she? :) My second child is 8 months old. :) I hope you're ok! :) I also get up as soon as my baby cries and the slightest movement from her wakes me. :) I think it's sort of a "mom thing". :D

  3. hahaha... at nagising ka? hehe....

    adorable baby. Soooo cute


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