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Santa, new jammies please?


Santa, please throw in some new jammies inside baby Raine's Christmas Stocking okay? Thank You...

We put up the christmas tree today. We will finish up decorating tomorrow. Because We still need to put all the ornaments. And yes, we will place it higher because little Raine will have a blast taking everything down. LOL. The kids had fun today playing the wii. It's been a while that they haven't touched that thing, well that is because at one point it just stopped working. So all along we thought that its broken. Apparently not. Thank GOD Jason took the initiative to test it again before throwing it in the trash/garage. I will get the kids some new games for Christmas. And something for the whole family too... I am excited for christmas this year. And this will also be baby Raine's first. How Fun...

Do you have your christmas tree up in the house already? Leave me a comment i'll be glad to visit your page too...


2 comments on "Santa, new jammies please?"
  1. Ha ha. Love the slipper photo. Too cute!

  2. Hahaha, its her pajama. Too small already...


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