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Merry Christmas Guys!

“This is the best christmas ever!” That’s what Jazzle kept saying all day christmas day…
Santa gave her a new bike this year, and isn’t that awesome? she is so happy…
We got her a new sony digital camera, yup, it’s a pink one! Although her favorite color changes constantly, because I think now her favorite is blue or is it green? LOL… I am not sure anymore but i’m pretty sure that she doesn’t remember it either. :-)
Raine was quite content trying to eat the gift wraps the whole time that both her brother and sister are busy opening up presents. She’s so precious…
Zyon, got a jeep from Santa this year. And He is thrilled to death.

The kids received so many presents… They were so happy… Makes us (Jason & I) happier.
It’s Raine’s first christmas. It’s pretty special… She is everybody’s best present ever. She is very loved.
She is daddy’s best gift ever. Those bright eyes. That sweet smile… Aaaah we love you so much sweet love.
And so guess what I got? Yup, and iPad….
And a new lens. A nikkor 50mm f/1.8 OMG, I love it!!!!! Although I still have to practice focusing using a manual lens, waaaaaah! But the images are so sharp, It’s awesome… Thanks Nanay ko! (Thanks My Mom!)
Dad, got some shirts, a new razor set, a vacuum cleaner, a new journal, a book, etc.
And also, He doesn’t like pictures very much, so his images are very limited on my blogs. LOL He is very camera shy ;-)
SO how was your christmas? I hope each and everyone of you had a blast!!!! I can’t wait for the New Year!!!
Merry Christmas Guys! :-)
3 comments on "Merry Christmas Guys!"
  1. wow!!! ganda ng gifts.... Namamsko po dito...

  2. Hello, you sweetly wrote a note on my blog - you asked what lenses I use - see that you received the 50 1.8 for xmas - those are the sorts of lenses I use - only primes really. I have now moved to the 1.2 but started with the 1.8, then moved on to the 1.4. Both those are amazing too - I just needed to be able to shoot in really dark situations and so makes the difference there - but most of the time shoot on 2.0. Good luck and lovely photos and more than that, what a gorgeous family!

  3. Hi Sacha, I got your reply coz I subscribe to the comments reply. And thank younfor taking time to answer mynhumble question. I appreciate it... You take lovely pictures, and you have a beautiful family as well. I'm one of your followers now!!! Talk to you in a bit...


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