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Life's precious gift...



I allow these words to sink into my head every day. My heart feels it.
Each single cell in my body is grateful for him. "I love you dad" He is truly one of life's precious gift to me and the kids. I could not imagine a day without him. Literally. ☺

I never thought that it's even remotely possible to meet someone so WONDERFUL, (perfect) Let along have the pleasure of being the mother of his child, and take note... 
To live with him For the rest of my life. Thank You.

My heart was once filled with fears and failures. You washed it all away. All the bad things. You wiped away all the tears. You painted a new masterpiece.. You gave color to my monotone life. Most importantly you made me believe in love again. Every morning I wake up beside you, I am reminded that true love exist, and not only on a page of some romantic book/novel. You proved it to me. And you're still continuously doing it every chance possible that you can. And I know that someday, if ever time will come that we will be slightly challenged. Together I know, We will survive it.
 Hand in Hand and Heart to Heart
Honey, You are my hero. 
I am so proud of you. 
And You are the best dad too! 
Our kids are blessed. 
WE truly are

"Dear Lord hear my prayer...

Please give me the gift of good health so I may be able to fulfill the pleasure of taking care of my family. Bless me with an unbelievable strength and patience to battle any challenges that we might face throughout this journey. May You also Please be our guide and protector. Navigate us so we don't get lost with the twists and turns in this road that we are traveling on... 
You are the center of this beautiful family. We are grateful Oh Lord. Thank You..." 

Love is real. Only if You believe. Only if you accept. Life's rewarding... it is enchanting, with some few  mysteries. Based from my personal experiences, I must say that the secret (which is not a secret at all) to a peaceful living must be composed with millions of great choices. A dream... A beautiful dream. You gotta have one. Paint it in your mind. You have to keep wanting. That only means you are living. You need to have that desire within you for a lovely future. A delighting tomorrow. But what's most important is that you see the beauty of TODAY. What's right in front of you. Don't miss any smile, don't be deaf and not hear a laugh. Open you mouth and don't be silent. Tell those words that are only magical, Listen to your heart. Open your mind. Feed your soul with goodness. Keep that balance. Your gift is there waiting... all you have  to do is make that choice and accept. And if you already have it now, keep it safe. A love so divine must be kept shiny and sparkling all the time. It needs protection and caring. Never take it for granted. Appreciate. Enjoy. And every day, LOVE MORE.

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