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Free: Red Damask Background!

Here's the Direct link

Matching Header

I enjoyed designing this one. It's so chic and simple at the same time. 
 I hope you'll like it. Again it's for the Old Minima Template...
And you know where to find the tutorial right? Visit Here
(This is for Personal Use Only)

2 comments on "Free: Red Damask Background!"
  1. Hello! I love your blog!Especially the red damask The problem is the words on my blog seem to be a little too far to the left? Is there something I am doing wrong? Thanks

  2. Hi, are you referring to your header?! You can actually use the image and edit in Photoshop so you can put your blog title there. If you would please Send me an email on what your problem is to be exact?! So I can answer you in specific. I hope to hear from ya! email:


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