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Everything's happening so fast

She's 7 months old now... And my she has grown a lot. Makes me realize how time goes by so fast. When you have kids, and you see them changing everyday, makes you just wanna sit down in one corner for a lil bit, and pause everything. Just so you can Observe.... Stare.... Appreciate... and then eventually, go ahead, and cry it all out! Reality bites. Gosh, I am sorry because I know I say the the same lines every time I post pictures of the kids.  But Lord have pity. They are growing like weeds, SO FAST.

SO here's our baby Raine. She turned 7 months old last Dec 26, the day after Christmas. And i'm telling you, this child is very active. She is so strong that it still amazes me every time we see her or every time she discovers something new that she can (now) do.

One day I saw her crawling heading outside to the Patio...

Hahaha... Her facial reaction is like, "Oooops mommy caught me, I'm Busted!"

Look at those bright eyes! She truly is the baby doll in the family.

Happy 7 months Old Birthday My Little Angel...
5 comments on "Everything's happening so fast"
  1. I love her photos and those eyes!
    they do grow up so fast.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Hi Sis, thank you for stopping bby. Happy holidays!!! :))

  3. Mabilis talagang lumaki ang mga bata. That is why mommies should make sure that they always reserve a time for their kids everyday because their growth is surprising.

    Some parents feel bad because they did not get the chance to be with their kids when they are young.

  4. I know, and I am one of the few that are blessed with freedom and ability to stay at home and have the pleasure to take care of my children. I am blessed..

  5. such great photos!! She is absolutely the cutest!!
    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year!


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